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art. music. passion.

Nifty Thrifty.


The Man Stuff Show, at it’s core, is a platform for promoting the interests of creator and owner, Joshua Duke.  It is highly inclusive, with practically anyone in close enough proximity to him as a potential guest star.  Like most of his work, it is a highly experimental, improvisation and comedy based creation, with a vague purpose and direction in mind.  Join the fun — follow on instagram at man_stuff_show and on Facebook (coming soon).  Keep an eye out for the Youtube launch, as The Man Stuff Show becomes a one stop shop for everything Josh Duke.

Nifty Thrifty Productions

Still in the preliminary stages, Nifty Thrifty Productions will provide the opportunity for businesses, musicians, artists, and performers to create unique, personalized content that communicates their passions and visions to a potentially global audience.  In the breakneck speed at which the world is moving, online presence and relevance on the internet is quickly becoming a vital tool to thrive.  We seek to create music and videos, specific to your brand, that communicates your purpose in an engaging, concise, and potentially viral fashion.  Backed by a constantly growing community of participants, when one video takes off, every video has the potential to benefit.  When we all work together to promote each other, both on social media and in social settings, we stand to all get paid for doing what we love, and more importantly, build a community that unites rather than divides.  With opportunities on the production side and the funding side, whatever your level of participation, you stand to receive exponentially more than you invest.  Contact us to find out how you can participate!


Wearing many different hats (literally and figuratively) for tailored promotional products
The Artist

Josh has been an artist since he was a kid, and has continued to bring the fun and funny to his artwork – drawing for his kids, for gifts, and as pure inspired expression. Josh now produces art for a notable number of reasons, including his “Superhero” line of customized portraits styled after the comic-book heroes we all grew up with. His music and event promotion posters continue to expand his portfolio and stylistic growth.

The Mad Scientist

Bringing together art, comedy, music and clever lyrics, Joshua “the Mad Scientist” Duke creates a fusion of these elements wherever he sets up shop. The latest experiment to escape his mind into the real world is Nifty Thrifty Productions, bringing music and video together to expand the brands of businesses, artists, and musicians.

The Man

Just known as “The Man,” his personal mission is to remind us that sometimes we need to take a break from the monotony and do some “manstuff!” Through hilarious instagram and facebook videos, JD (as he’s known to absolutely no one) shares episodes from his life – expanding on the success of the initial manstuff to launch the Man Stuff Show! Coming to all forms of social media, if it’s not there yet.